Friends, Family, and Associates:

The time has come to shut down the Skillet Maine Ranch Website. Many thanks to all our customers, clients, partners, and supporters.

After well over 100 years, there are now no cows left on the Gilchrist property for sale. Due to health problems, Skillet Maine Ranch can no longer focus on the care of the herd. With that said, cross fences are gone and the pastures are all planted in pine seedlings for the next generations of Gilchirst’s to enjoy and profit from.

I would like to close this site out with a note of appreciation to the many friends and associates who helped me produce a fine herd of high quality cattle and to all those who are now carrying on the line with the cows they purchased from Skillet Maine Ranch. In no particular order, I would like to thank Haylee Wolfford, Justin Summerfeld, Mark Lively, Mark Bean, Tommy Brown, Cedrick Jenkins, Ritchie Tomplait, Janet Loe Smith, Brian and C.J. Gipson (Whitney and Westin as well), Brooke Blackwell, Chance Burnett, Brett Crews, The Martins, The Odoms, Buck Cole, Simeon Drake, Todd and Teresa Olivier, John Smith, Charles Eubanks, Jaybo Jackson, and my main man who became a wizard at penning and sorting cows, Tyler Medley.

I should give an extra special thanks to my oldest friend and mentor in show business, Simeon Drake. A more skilled and upright friend a man could not ask for. I will also give special mention to Mark Lively, who has bought and placed more show calves for me than anyone else over several decades. To anyone I missed, please know I appreciate your support throughout the many, many years Skillet Maine Ranch has been in business.

I will also add a special thank you to Jennifer Beliveau of Sunpoint Design and Onpoint Media, the computer whiz in Boston, who did a great job putting this website together, and helping me sell many, many cows until our closing day.

I appreciate everyone who has been involved in Skillet Maine Ranch and we wish you the best with your cows and all your future endeavors.

After three generations of Gilchrist families running this business, I would like to say thank you from our family to yours.

Wallace Gilchrist

Owner Skillet Maine Ranch

The Industry’s Finest Show-Quality Cattle, Deep In The Woods Of East Texas

Complete Dispersal Sale

All cows and calves must be sold before winter. I am no longer able to take care of them due to health problem.


Skillet Maine Ranch’s Maine Anjou steers are top-quality and fitted for show. Visit the herd today!

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Skillet Maine Ranch’s heifers are show-quality. Breeding cows are also available. Come find your prize heifer today!

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Show Biz

Several of Skillet Maine Ranch’s cattle have earned show prizes. Visit the Ranch and select yours today!

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Wallace Gilchrist’s Skillet Maine Ranch

Welcome to Skillet Maine Ranch, raising fine show cattle since 1972. Skillet Maine Ranch specializes in providing show-quality calves, steers and heifers. Our prospect calves are produced from our select Maine cross cows by artificial insemination to top quality Maine Anjou and Maine cross show bulls. Skillet Maine Ranch keeps careful records of each cow’s calving for several generations, and allows customers to pre-select calves for later delivery. Most of our cows calve between late September and early November. We will have a few spring born calves sired by our Maine cross cleanup bull.

Skillet Maine Ranch produces 35 to 40 show-quality steers and heifers annually. All of our breeding cows are percentage Maine Anjou. The sires we use are from 50% to Purebred Maine Anjou. We have found that the Maine genetics tend to produce steers and heifers that are long necked, clean fronted, and have the stature necessary to win in the show ring. In recent years light colored cattle have become popular with show judges. We have adjusted to the market by using sires that are Maine-Charolais cross. Our white calves have done particularly well in the show ring.

Our breeding cows are all very easy handling, good breeders, and good milkers. Skillet Maine Ranch is one of the few ranches in the East Texas region that produces high quality Maine influence show prospects. First time visitors often express pleasant surprise when they see this herd of top quality show cattle hidden away out in the middle of the woods. 

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