We have some excellent yearling steers and heifers plus a few bred two year old heifers for sale. Calving for 2018 began September 20 with a white Smokin’ Bob bull calf. We are expecting 34 new calves by October 29. Sixteen of them are bred to Smokin’ Bob. Bob has been the most successful, and most popular show sire in the East Texas Area for the last several years. He is a white Maine-Charolais cross bull owned by Integrity Ranch in Beaumont, Texas. We have used him for four years with outstanding results. We intend to breed most of our mature cows to him again this December.

We will be anxiously awaiting the outcomes of the 2017 calves that will be showing in the coming winter and spring shows in Ft. Worth, Beaumont, Jasper, and Newton. Waiting for next year is what keeps the show cattle business interesting.

Sixteen of the new calves we are expecting soon will be from Smokin’ Bob. We will be adding photos of our new calves and their mothers to this page as quickly as we can get them. We like for our potential clients to see what will be available in the coming months.

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